Bike and Wine on the valley Calchaqui

Touring Cafayate, Quebrada de las conchas, Molinos, Quebrada de las flechas, Cachi, Cuesta del Obispo.

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Publicada por Salta Biking en Viernes, 15 de diciembre de 2017

The Calchaquíes Valleys cross the territories of the Argentine Northwest (Salta, Tucumán and Catamarca.) This program combines in 5 days the best landscapes and Some of the world´s highest malbec and torrontes vineyards of the valleys in jumps with mountain bikes and stretches by van, travel on route 40 and cross small villages and hamlets where the ancestors Origin and colonial left their mark. The landscape of Andean peaks,Red Rock Valleys and ancient villages transports us to centuries of the past ,enjoying on bike a cultural ,food and wine experience !!!

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We start in a southerly direction through small localities that have particular characteristics that identify them, after 2 hours of travel in our vehicle we arrive at the creek of the shells, famous place for its capricious geological formations formed by erosion of millions of years, The Morales bridge will be our beginning of biking, here we set up our bike team and, we will travel the Quebrada de las Conchas until the town of Cafayate where the biking ends and we continue with visit And tasting at Some of the world's highest malbec and torrontes vineyards .
Average Daily Distance: 40 miles / 65 km (pavement) .
Average Daily Elevation: 1400 a 1600 meters.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Total distance to destination: 190 km
Night: Cafayate.
Lunch: including (picnic lunch on the route ).

After our breakfast, we start our day with a connecting route for 1 h, until we reach our biking starting point, here we will travel through the ravine of the arrows, an extraordinary place in formations eroded by wind and rain, culminating our Adventure with a delicious lunch at Finca El Carmen . After lunch we continue on our tour by van to Molinos ( the town of mills )
Average Daily Distance: 24 miles / 40 km (gravel).
Average Daily Elevation: 1600 a 2100 meters.
Difficulty Level: challenger.
Total distance to destination: 100 km.
Night: Molinos.
Lunch: including (Estancia El Carmen).

Begin the day with the biking to Estancia Colomé winery and estate, the oldest of South America. Enjoy a private visit to the facilities followed by a wine tasting. After we’ll live the thrilling sensory experience of the James Turrell Museum. Return biking to Molinos for a delicious dinner at our hotel.
Average Daily Distance: 18 miles / 30 km (gravel).
Average Daily Elevation: 2100 a 2300 meters.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate.
Night: Molinos.
Lunch and wine tasting: including.

We start this quiet day biking along the path of the Algarrobo, to reach the town of seclantás known as the capital of the poncho, here we will have a stop in one of the most traditional families of this town making lama wool craft (Armando Guzman) after we will continue our biking others 8 km to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch , prepared in a amazing spot, after by car we continue to the beautiful town of cachi. Average Daily Distance: 18 miless / 30 km (gravel).
Average Daily Elevation: 2100 a 2200 meters.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Total distance to destination: 150 km.
Night: Cachi.
Lunch: including ( picnic on the route).

Last day of adventure, start the day with adrenaline with link from cachi for 1 hs until reaching the highest point Piedra Molinos (3453 mts) there we prepare our bikes to begin the descent of 21 km by the slope of the bishop, and then continue By the Quebrada del Escoipe and arrive at the town of Chicoana where we will enjoy a delicious lunch. End of biking.
Average Daily Distance: 37 miles / 60 km (gravel and pavement).
Average Daily Elevation: 3500 a 1300 meters.
Difficulty Level: easy
Total distance to destination: 160 km.
Night: Salta City.
Lunch: including (local restaurants).

Tour Highlights
- Cycle the diverse landscapes that comprise the Calchaquí Valleys—from poplar trees and gorges to canyons and creeks of snow melt
- Visit the Camino de los Artesanos, a charming roadside community of weavers and artists who still use the ancient techniques of their trade
- Taste local cuisine: Empanadas Salteña filled with beef or cheese, barbecued meats called parilla, variety of local salads and picadas !
- Drink Unique high altitude wines of the Cafayate region, including the sweet white wine Torrontés, and Salta Negra beer

Trip includes:
  • Transportation of passengers
  • Transfer of bicycles -Trailer.
  • Support in 4x4 and Mechanical Assistance every day.
  • Bicycles mtb wheel 29 TREK Marlin 7 / and helmet. See our bikes
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Permanent bilingual guide with communication equipment (handy VHF).
  • Mechanical Assistance.
  • Satellite Telephony.
  • Picnic lunches included every day.
NOT included:
  • Dinners.
  • Wines and other alcoholic beverages during meals/ except during wine tasting activities (included).
Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, cycling clothes/gear, fleece, short wind-proof coat, warm jumper, gloves, polar-neck, sports bandana, cycling leggings (short and long), synthetic and warm socks, trainers, changes of clothes., lip balm, sunglasses, cycling clothes/gear, fleece, short wind-proof coat, warm jumper, gloves, polar-neck, sports bandana, cycling leggings (short and long), synthetic and warm socks, trainers, changes of clothes.