Cachi – Hiking The Acsibi Caves

Bike Argentina, Salta / 2 days by bike through the Calchaquí Valley.

Touring Cachi, Cachi Pampa, Acsibi, Piedra del molino.

The Calchaquíes Valleys cross the territories of the Argentine Northwest (Salta, Tucumán and Catamarca.) This program combines in 2 days the best landscapes of Cachi, Cachi Pampa, Acsibi, Piedra del molino, it travels along route 40 and crosses small towns and hamlets where the original and colonial ancestors left their traces. The mountain landscape and old towns transport us to centuries of the past.

Important information you should know

Days it operates all circuits are subject to demand and are not suspended due to rain.
The trip includes:

  • Transportation of passengers
  • Transfer of bicycles -Trailer.
  • Support in 4×4 and Mechanical Assistance every day.
  • Mtb bikes rolled 29 TREK Marlin 7 / helmets. See our bikes
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Permanent bilingual guide with communication equipment (handy VHF).
  • 1 Picnic lunch included.
  • Snacks, water, fresh and dry fruits during the activity.
  • 1 night of accommodation in double or triple base in hotels or hostels.

Not include:

  • Dinners.
  • Winery tastings.
  • Entrance fee to Accibi trekking.
Suggested equipment to bring:
High protection sunscreen (50+) and lipstick. Glasses. Cyclist jacket. polar diver. Windproof jacket. Warm jacket. Warm gloves. Fleece neck or buff type scarf. Short and long cycling shoes. Synthetic and warm stockings. Sneakers. Change of clothes. replacement. Your camera (for the amazing landscapes)

Day 1: Salta – Cachi

We will depart from your hotel at 8am and head for the National Route 68, travelling through small villages and tobacco plantations, one of Salta’s most important crops, until arriving at the Provincial Route 33. From here we will head west and drive through the local jungle known as ‘yungas’ that in only a few kilometres turns into a colourful mountain range leading to the Cuesta del Obispo. Upon arrival at the Piedra del Molino, the highest point (3345m m.a.s.l.) and entrance to the National Park, we will prepare our bikes and start the real adventure. We will cycle through the Cachi Pampa and La Recta de Tin Tin (old Incan trail), hoping for the opportunity to come across groups of guanacos (llama species), and condors soaring through the sky. We will continue our journey through a small village called Payogasta, also a 10km marking point form the tiny village of Cachi (2000m m.a.s.l.), famous for its colonial heritage, cobble streets and the cordiality of its people. There we will end our journey with a delicious lunch and end the biking for day 1.

Day 2: Hiking through Las Cuevas de Acsibi (The Acsibi Caves)

After breakfast we will leave Cachi on bus taking the mystic route 40 to the colonial village Seclantas. There we will meet the local owner of a place full of …?? and of course the famous Cuevas de Acsibi (Acsibi Caves).
The Hiking Trip
We will start the trip by crossing a dry river-bed in a 4×4, before walking 2 hours through a magnificent red-earth gorge and splendid caves that once were part of the Hacienda de Urbina. Here it was that the native Malcachisco Indians washed gold for the spanish It happened in 1603. Since then and until now, a time lapse of more than 400 years later, it will surprise you to not see any signs of urbanisation. At most you can see the ruins of houses with thick adobe walls and doors made from cactus wood, from dates of which nobody knows. The high altitude and the sun are unforgiving, so please bring a hat, long-sleeved t-shirt and sunscreen! Bring a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and sunscreen.

– Total hiking distance: 15 km
– Food included: picnic lunch


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Tips on what to wear in any season in NORTH OF ARGENTINA

On the Bike

– Cycling jerseys or athletic shirts
– Cycling shorts
– Cycling shoes (if you bring your own pedals)
– Sneakers (if you don’t bring your own pedals)
– Athletic socks
– Arm/leg warmers
– Lightweight, waterproof, wind-resistant jacket or vest
– Bike gloves
– Bike saddle/cover (if you prefer your own)

Do I Need to Bring Special Cycling Gear?

Cycling shorts are designed to provide extra padding when spending the whole day in the saddle. You’ll be glad to have them—don’t forget the chamois cream!
If you bring your own cycling shoes, you must bring your own pedals. If you’ve never used clip-in pedals before, we don’t recommend using them on tour.
Arm and leg warmers are essential for cooler weather. Wear them with your short-sleeve jersey and shorts for lightweight, easy-to-pack, and effective warmth.
Bike gloves are a preference, but are recommend for long tours. The padding in gloves can ease arm, shoulder, and joint fatigue.

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