Jujuy on Bike

Bike Argentina, Salta 5 days – 4 nights by bike (200 km) through the Quebrada de Humahuaca in Northern Argentina.

Touring Purmamarca, The Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes, Tilcara, Iruya, Yala, Reyes

Important information you should know

Days it operates all circuits are subject to demand and are not suspended due to rain.
The trip includes:

  • Transportation of passengers
  • Transfer of bicycles -Trailer.
  • Support in 4×4 and Mechanical Assistance every day.
  • Bicycles mtb wheel 29 TREK Marlin 7 / and helmet. See our bikes
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Permanent bilingual guide with communication equipment (handy VHF).
  • 3 picnic lunches included (on hikes).
  • Snacks, water, fresh and dry fruits during the activity.
  • 4 nights of accommodation in double or triple base in hotels or hostels.

Not include:

  • Dinners.
Suggested equipment to bring:
High protection sunscreen (50+) and lipstick. Glasses. Cyclist jacket. polar diver. Windproof jacket. Warm jacket. Warm gloves. Fleece neck or buff type scarf. Short and long cycling shoes. Synthetic and warm stockings. Sneakers. Change of clothes. replacement. Your camera (for the amazing landscapes)

Day 1: Salta – Purmamarca

We will cycle along the Cornisa route, through the jungle known as the ‘yungas’ (a 25km descent) with the option to extend the route by another 15km! Our day will involve cycling down-hill through the jungle and crossing the Salt-Jujuy border making a few stops to appreciate the stunning panoramic views. We will end our cycling for the day in the Dique La Cienega (dam), and enjoy a delicious lunch.
– Total distance on bike: 25 o 40 km .
– Difficulty level: Beginners

Day 2: Purmamarca -The Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes.

Leaving the hotel at 9am, we will start our journey through the Los Colorados path, making stops for photos and to appreciate the majestic panoramic views. On arrival at Abra Alto Morado, a point 4170m above sea level, we will start our days cycling travelling down-hill towards Jujuy’s high-plateau, admiring the surrounding landscapes and pure, natural aromas. We will arrive to the Salinas Grandes on bike, also visiting the Ojos de Mar (small bright blue pools of water), accompanied by local guides. We will then have lunch on the Salinas Grandes before heading to Tilcara where we will spend the night.

– Total distance on bike: 35km.
– Difficulty level: Intermediate

Day 3: Tilcara – Iruya.

After breakfast we will head north towards Abra el Condor (natural path to the village Iruya). Here we will cycle down-hill, on a road full of panoramic views of old terraces of Incan crops and sacred mountains, followed by an adrenaline filled cycle to Iruya, a village hidden amongst the hills. We will spend the night in Iruya.

– Total distance on bike: 30 km.
– Difficulty level: Intermediate

Day 4: Iruya- Hornocal -Humahuca.

Leaving in the early morning our hotel we undertake our return in bond of 2 hours in vehicle until the locality of humahuaca, to undertake our adventure in bike and reach the hill of the 14 colors “Hornocal”, arriving at 4300 meters asl and contemplate the immensity of a unique landscape. Night in humahuaca.
– Total distance on bike: 25 km
– Difficulty level: high
– Total distance travelled: 160 km

Día 5: Humahuaca – Yala – Termas de Reyes – Salta.

Last day of biking, we left early from our hotel and after 2 hours driving, begin our last day of pedaling through the jungle of Jujuy, in the town of Yala. Where the landscape is covered by the subtropical jungle, rivers and lagoons of mountain. At noon we finish our bike journey with the last picnic lunch, toast and return to Salta.
– Total distance on bike: 40 km
– Difficulty level: average
– Total distance travelled: 220 km


First Name and Last name(Required)


First Name and Last name(Required)

Tips on what to wear in any season in NORTH OF ARGENTINA

On the Bike

– Cycling jerseys or athletic shirts
– Cycling shorts
– Cycling shoes (if you bring your own pedals)
– Sneakers (if you don’t bring your own pedals)
– Athletic socks
– Arm/leg warmers
– Lightweight, waterproof, wind-resistant jacket or vest
– Bike gloves
– Bike saddle/cover (if you prefer your own)

Do I Need to Bring Special Cycling Gear?

Cycling shorts are designed to provide extra padding when spending the whole day in the saddle. You’ll be glad to have them—don’t forget the chamois cream!
If you bring your own cycling shoes, you must bring your own pedals. If you’ve never used clip-in pedals before, we don’t recommend using them on tour.
Arm and leg warmers are essential for cooler weather. Wear them with your short-sleeve jersey and shorts for lightweight, easy-to-pack, and effective warmth.
Bike gloves are a preference, but are recommend for long tours. The padding in gloves can ease arm, shoulder, and joint fatigue.

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