Cafayate on bike

Duration on bike: 2 hs (30 km)

Destination: Cafayate

Difficulty: Intermediate

Passengers: 2 – 15

Touring Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas, Los Castillos, Cafayate.

The tour starts at 8am from your hotel. Taking the National Road 68. we start with a drive through the ‘Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas’, declared a natural monument due to the rock formations such as the toad, the monk, the amphitheatre, and the devil’s throat. Our cycling trip will start in the heart of the zone by the Devil’s Throat where we will prepare the bikes for our big adventure. We will make stops along the way to take good photos, and cycle all the way to the end of the ravine to a rock formation called ‘Los Castillos’ or ‘The Castles’ where we will enjoy a well-deserved, delicious picnic before heading to the town of Cafayate. End of the biking.

Important information you should know

Days it operates all circuits are subject to demand and are not suspended due to rain.
Includes: Transfer, TREK Marlyn 7 bikes, bilingual guide, thermos of water, snack.

What to bring?


Physicals conditions

Suitable for anyone over the age of 18yrs (and under 18yrs accompanied by parents), and for both experienced and inexperienced cyclists.

All cases

They will be shown the correct use of the equipment provided, as well as route instructions and RESPONSIBLE HANDLING of mountain bikes on different terrains, thus proposing Adventure Tourism for all.

The work dynamic

One guide is provided for every 7 cyclists, and a vehicle geared with a satellite communication (VHF radio system) follows the group at all times.

All the detailed circuits will have as base group Minimum 02 pax and a maximum of 20 pax.


First Name and Last name(Required)

Tips on what to wear in any season in NORTH OF ARGENTINA

On the Bike

– Cycling jerseys or athletic shirts
– Cycling shorts
– Cycling shoes (if you bring your own pedals)
– Sneakers (if you don’t bring your own pedals)
– Athletic socks
– Arm/leg warmers
– Lightweight, waterproof, wind-resistant jacket or vest
– Bike gloves
– Bike saddle/cover (if you prefer your own)

Do I Need to Bring Special Cycling Gear?

Cycling shorts are designed to provide extra padding when spending the whole day in the saddle. You’ll be glad to have them—don’t forget the chamois cream!
If you bring your own cycling shoes, you must bring your own pedals. If you’ve never used clip-in pedals before, we don’t recommend using them on tour.
Arm and leg warmers are essential for cooler weather. Wear them with your short-sleeve jersey and shorts for lightweight, easy-to-pack, and effective warmth.
Bike gloves are a preference, but are recommend for long tours. The padding in gloves can ease arm, shoulder, and joint fatigue.

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